Sungai Books

An international book publishing imprint that has published creative and scholarly works from Africa, America, and Europe. Its presence in these markets, give it the advantage of a global reach with an African center.

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With a belief that human essence and liberty are advanced through creative, journalistic, and scholarly writings in all cultures, and with the appreciation that African writers are particularly challenged…

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Tall Drums


Tall Drums is a 30-minute weekly television program of news, debate, and commentary on, about, and by Nigerians abroad. It features interviews with Nigerians in the Diaspora and world leaders whose work concern or affect Africa…

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Sungai News

African American Traditions

The international Book Imprint of SUNGAI BOOKS Is Proud to Announce the Release of AFRICAN AMERICAN TRADITIONS: Portraits from African American History A new book by one of the most influential scholars of our time and the leading proponent of the Afrocentric Movement and Theory PROFESSOR MOLEFI KETE ASANTE In association with DR. WILLIAM SPIVEY Africans have never ceased [...]

Who is Dr. Ugorji

Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji is an American-educated, award-winning publisher, author, public administrator and scholar-activist who now resides both in Nigeria and the US. He is the first of the seven children of His Royal Highness Eze Stephen Nwabueze Ugorji and Ugoeze Anastatsia Ngozi Ugorji. He has three sisters and three brothers. He attended Army Children's School, Port Harcourt, and Ekulu Primary [...]

Ugorji Speaks

As a publisher, writer, poet, public administrator, broadcaster, and scholar-activist, Dr. Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji has severally been invited to speak at corporate and civic events. And as a cultural expert, he has been hired to investigate and testify in court cases where immigrants are facing deportation or are seeking political asylum in the United States. His speaking engagements have taken [...]

Making Moves in Abuja, Nigeria

ABUJA, Nigeria: In September of 2007, Mr. Victor Amadi, an Abuja-based media consultant released a press briefing about plans to make a movie based on the book From the Belly of the Gods (see Authored by Dr. Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji and published by the Princeton, New Jersey-based Sungai Books in 1993, the story is a work of mythology that [...]